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<p>Companies around the world leverage technologies, analytics, and expertise to gain unparalleled intelligence to continuously improve their bottom-line and profitability. Our industry-specific and use case-driven solutions provide state-of-the-art software and latest technological solutions across domains, empowering go-to-market strategies and decision making for anyone adopting latest technologies</p>


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Empowering Client Success

Beyond our technical expertise, we invest in advanced analytics and data science technologies to help our clients drive strategic decision-making. From finding new markets to enter to building powerful go-to-market strategies, evaluating big business decisions and improving win rates, several of our clients use Generative AI to answer their most pressing monetization opportunities and find new avenues growing the profitability. Our Priority is to focus on Technologies, People, Trust, Integrity and Security.

How We Started

In 2016, just when python and golang were emerging as the next generation automation platform, we came together on building a reliable product to empower companies and seamlessly migrate from older automation infrastructure to python-based framework. Our ideas were quickly adapted by some of our early customers, with whom we offered consulting services in building a powerful automation framework which helped the customers make better and faster releases to the market.

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Vanitha G

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Vice President, Engineering